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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Iced Coca Cola!

CocaCola by Little Red

A little Aussie music always heals.

Thoughtless thoughts

I guess there comes a point in life where you start to realise that you have to live life for yourself and noone else.
(is that a song lyric? sounds vaguely familiar)
Worrying about what other people want, what other people expect and worst of all, what you THINK other people expect and want..

It'll all get you nowhere. Fast.

Is there a difference between being totally selfish and bitchy.. and just looking out for oneself?
Maybe not, but sure feels like it.

Living alone makes you introspective.
How sad.

Here's random photos from the recent adventures.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

The day started off as a typically beautiful Australian day
Bright blue skies, white fluffy clouds and the bright sun warming the pleasant winter day..

Was in class, enraptured by my Media War and Peace class.. (between staring at the walls and doodling in my book)
Then.. ka-boom.. massive thunder and lightning.. unlike the type that you'd usually see in Aussie weather
It was like some higher power was looking down at us saying "Yep, they've had enough good weather... so... BOO!"

Walked out of class, worried that I'd be SOAKED to the bone..
And what do I see?

The ground was covered with white stuff.
"what the...." thought Me..

It was HAIL..!!
It got cold enough that it HAILED..
It never hails in Wollongong..!!


There was ice everywhere.

And of course, me in my flat shoes.. with no socks...
I very quickly had ice in my shoes.
And i couldn't feel my toes.
But I was so excited that there was ice on the ground..

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Winter seems to breeze by when you have someone to cuddle up to in the cold

When a personal radiator will warm up your frozen fingers.
When you sleep more soundly when you hear the breath of someone sleeping next to you.

Now winter feels like the cliche winter expression: frosty, windy, gloomy and cold.
A lonely picture I paint.

So emo.

Eiran hopped on a plane and spent a month with me over the winter uni holidays.
Had a whole itinerary planned out, complete with lots of chill-out do-nothing days..

Waiting at the airport for someone was a new experience for me.
It was a total "Love Actually" moment..
I could see the camera expression as I waited.
Camera focuses on my eagerly searching self, while people around me are reunited with their loved ones
Tears, hugs, laughs.. the works..
Meanwhile, I still patiently, and then not-so-patiently, wait for my 'someone' to walk out of those gates.
But finally he walks out.

It's good to have a low maintenance boyfriend.
Most of the time we just spent sitting on the lawn at the Botanical Gardens, feeding the ducks and moorhens stale bread.
Or sitting by the Harbour fishing with a $55 cheapo rod..

My birthday surprise for the boy was to take him to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, thanks to the BridgeClimb Experience
I really recommend this to anyone that's visiting Sydney.
It's so awesome.
Can't explain it.

Climbing to the top of the Bridge, seeing the Sydney Opera House and the glory of Darling Harbour in the glow of the sunset,
Watching the blue blue sky fade into a mix of deep orange and blood red, then like fireflies, the night lights of Sydney City come alive, while comets of red light flash right underneath you as the cars of Sydney whizz back and forth on the Bridge.

Sucks that they don't let you take any cameras on the Climb itself.
Everywhere I looked just screamed "OMG, PHOTO OPP!"..
The few 'photos' that they take for you, to be sold to you at the end of the Climb were blurry and out of focus AND a total rip..
But thankfully I have the memories in my head.

The Grand Pacific Drive hugs the South Coast all the way from Sydney down to Wollongong
We stopped at Bald Hill Lookout Point, where hanggliders take off from
The view from there was amazing
And as we looked out towards the sea, Eiran's sharp eyes caught a glimpse of splashes in the water..
"Dolphin! Dolphin!" said I..
"Nolah.. big fish..." said Eiran..
"... must be a pretty damn big fish..." thinks I..

They were whales!! Migrating down south to breed, they're fairly abundant at this time of year..
But still, how awesome is it to see migrating whales..
We went on a whale watching cruise in Jervis Bay, which was awesome.. But more on that later..

For now, just enjoy pictures..

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Be warned when webcamming with me.
I have PrintScreen trigger happy fingers.
As Billie and SuLin have discovered.

Bilz, SuLin n I were having the evergreen discussion about the incredibly miniscule mouth-size of mine.
Yes lah, my mouth very small.
Luckily my brain very big.

hahahahaha.. I can just see you rolling your eyes now, Billie..

Then SuLin decided to whip out the sunglasses.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

A New Look

Thought it was time for a change.

Actually, I was (or, am..) really bored at home..
So alternating between watching Rove interview Anne Hathaway and Steve Carrell,
I know it looks very messy.
But I gave up half-way.
Like almost every other endeavour I set out to do.. Half finished.updating the blog.

Nvm lah. Can read, enough edi..
So here's some random pics from what's been goin on this year so far..

The BEST concert I've ever been to..

And i'm not just saying that coz Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins are awesomely awesome. The concert was truly amazing..
An extra stage descending from the ceiling where they play an acoustic set right in the middle of the moshpit..
Everlong, Stacked Actors, Times Like These, Cold Day In The Sun.. all my favourite songs..!

Geordie's birthday night out in Wollongong Town.

Legendary. As usual.

An awesome outing with CousinJoJo to the Hunter Valley,

Wine, Cheese.. and Rob Thomas & Matchbox20 serenading us in the vineyard.. mmMMmm

Friday, June 13, 2008

Horton the Awesome Pachyderm

I meant what I said,
And I said what I meant...

An elephant is faithful.. One Hundred Percent!

note: "I need to get there asap!"...
hmmm.. wonder what 'asap' means..
Act Swiftly, Awesome Pachyderm..!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

free download

Kinda strikes a resonating node in me..
As cheesy as that may sound..
But still.. living here in Australia, especially in a place that's not quite as urbanised as Sydney City.. you'd be amazed at how many "Wow, you speak really good ENGLISH".. or "So which part of China are you from..?".. you get the idea..

Never thought myself to be patriotic, n what not..

Either way, check out the video.. spread the word..
It's pretty cool..

It's about time we broke the stereotype of Malaysian-made videos and songs..